Our Mission, Vision and Values

A man taking a photo of the internal wall at Spring, on which is stencilled the vision of Spring

The mission of Spring Community Hub is that through a ‘Community Hub’ and full activity programme, local people in or at risk of crisis will be supported along their journey to move on and achieve full social, economic and emotional independence to live healthy lives in a community which supports each other.


Our Vision at Spring Community Hub is to tackle food insecurity and hunger before people find themselves in crisis. We want to see equality in our communities and be a vehicle for positive and lasting change in our clients so that they never need a food bank again.


At Spring Community Hub these explain what we stand for and believe in. They are our principles, ideals and the characteristics which define the culture standards and aspirations of the organisation. 

We are an organisation that is driven by people with integrity and commitment to the cause

  • We believe in leadership, development, growth and continual learning
  • Ensuring fairness, equity and equality
  • Creating a place of respect, kindness and dignity for all
  • A healthy environment where people have fun and can be creative

Living Wage Employer

The Real Living Wage is set by the Living Wage Foundation , it is based on the cost of living including rent.  In 2023 Spring Community Hub became the 300th Southwark organisation to become a Living Wage Employer. 

One of the issues Spring Community Hub tackles is in work poverty, as such, it was important to the CEO and Trustees to tackle that issue for their own workforce.  As the CEO said “Given the work that we do we are acutely aware of the impact of the cost of living crisis on people in the borough, even those who are working.  As responsible employers it is important for us to set a positive example by paying our staff a living wage so they can at least meet the basic costs associated with living in London”

Our History

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